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Categorywise Distribution of Hisar Bazar
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'Marbles & Tiles' in Hisar City

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Marble Shree Jagdamba Marble House in hisar
Shree Jagdamba Marble House  
Mr. Raj Kumar Raju       
Mr. Rajesh Saini
Goyal Dharamshala Complex,
Model Town,
Tosham Road,       
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9215585984     
Mobile : 9467694384     
Mobile : 9416627233     
Mobile : 9255070376     
Mobile : 9312485984

Marble Thakadar Jagdish in hisar
Thakadar Jagdish
Mr. Jagdish Parsad
245, Subhash Nagar,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9416127414

Marbles A.M. Marble House in hisar
A.M. Marble House
Mr. Satavan Dhangar
Mr. Kuldeep Malik
I.T.I. Chowk, Near Hari Palace, Tosham Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9991609721
Mobile : 9813654754

Marbles Aggarwal Marbles in hisar
Aggarwal Marbles
Mr. Sushil Aggarwal
DSS-29, Shopping Complex,
Marble Plaza Building,
Sector 13, Dabra Road
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Marbles Amba Marble & Granite in hisar
Amba Marble & Granite
Mr. Hoshiyar Singh
Mr. Karan Singh
Opp. Luxmi Dall Mill, Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9813393738
Mobile : 9050537005

Marbles Asian Marbles in hisar
Asian Marbles
Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Marbles Balaji Marble Corporation in hisar
Balaji Marble Corporation
Opp. Rawalwasia Dharmshalla,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Phone : 01662 - 232230
Mobile : 9416123480

Marbles Bhawna Marble & Granites in hisar
Bhawna Marble & Granites
Mr. Narvinder Singh
Rajgarh Road to Tosham Road,
Bai Pass, Near Railway Phatak,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9896345009

Marbles Bhayana Marble House in hisar
Bhayana Marble House
Mr. Harish Bhayana
I.T.I. Chowk, Near Hari Palace,
Tosham Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9416136924
Mobile : 9253781203

Marbles Choudhary Marbles Store in hisar
Choudhary Marbles Store
Mr. Hari Kishan (Fauji)
236,Model Town, Tosham Road
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Marbles Dehradun Marble House in hisar
Dehradun Marble House
Mr. Vijay Kumar
Old Mandi, Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9466612458

Marbles Durga Marble & Timber Store in hisar
Durga Marble & Timber Store
3,Priti Nagar,
Opp. New Municipal Council
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Marbles Ganpati Marble House in hisar
Ganpati Marble House
Mr.  Satish Malik
Near Soni Burn Hospital,
Opp. OBC Bank, Kaimari Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9729900005
Mobile : 9813266681
Mobile : 9416072163
Mobile : 9896671714

Marbles Gupta Marbles House in hisar
Gupta Marbles House
Mr. Ramesh Gupta
475, Priti Nagar,
Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Phone : 01662 - 236428
Mobile : 9896038421
Mobile : 9896272655

Marbles Hardev Marble House in hisar
Hardev Marble House
Mr. Gaurav Makhija
Opp. ITI Boys Hostel,
Tosham Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9255200040
Mobile : 9050094946

Marbles Lamba Granite & Marble in hisar
Lamba Granite & Marble
Near Luxmi Dall Mill,
Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Marbles Luxmi Marble in hisar
Luxmi Marble
Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9354320836

Marbles M/s Om Tiles in hisar
M/s Om Tiles
Mr. Mahender Singh
Mr. Rampal
Mr. Satbir Singh
Kaimari Road,
Near Daya Gas Agency,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9813094722
Mobile : 8607169653
Mobile : 9416695825

Marbles Mahaluxmi Marble & Granite House in hisar
Mahaluxmi Marble & Granite House
Mr. Joginder
Mr. Ghanshyam Dass
Mr. Ved Parkash
Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Tosham Road, Opp. Sector 13 Market,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Marbles Makrana Marble Products in hisar
Makrana Marble Products
Mr. N.S. Shekhawat
Mr. D.S. Shekhawat
Dabra Chowk, Near P.N.B. Delhi Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Marbles Marble Big Bazar in hisar
Marble Big Bazar
Mr. Kapil Kataria
Tosham Road, Opp. Community Centre,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9896945151
Deals in :-
Marble, Granite, Floor Tiles, Kota Stone, Dholpur Stone, Ramp Tiles and Engraving Stone etc. 

Marbles Maruti Granits in hisar
Maruti Granits
Mr. Jagish Aggarwal
Mr. Mahavir Aggarwal
Marble Market,
Near Railway Crossing,
Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9896174055
Mobile : 9729461791

Marbles Neelkanth Marbles Mandir House in hisar
Neelkanth Marbles Mandir House
Mr. Roamsji Lal
Tosham Road, Model Town,
Hisar  125001 (Haryana)

Marbles New Hisar Marbles in hisar
New Hisar Marbles
Mr. Naveen Jain
Near Railway Phatak,
Balsamand Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Phone : 01662 - 239585
Mobile : 9812328815


Marbles P.K. Marbles in hisar
P.K. Marbles
Mr. Satish Jain
Mr. Vikas Jain
Near Old Anaj Mandi,
Balsamand Road
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9416594167


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