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Categorywise Distribution of Hisar Bazar
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'Cloths (Sarees)' in Hisar City

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Saree Goyal Sarees in hisar
Goyal Sarees
Mr. Ankur Goyal
Shop No. 4, Silver Square Plaza,
Near Rajguru Market,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9215976002
Mobile : 8950793282

Sarees Ambe Saree Mahal in hisar
Ambe Saree Mahal
Mr. Amit Jain,
Mr. Arun Jain,
Nagori Gate,
Cutpiece Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Ambe Sarees & Suits in hisar
Ambe Sarees & Suits
Mr. Jagdish Kataria,
Mr. Amit Kataria,
26, Rajguru Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Apsara Sarees in hisar
Apsara Sarees
Kapil Jain,
7, Kamal Tower,
Rajguru Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana)
Phone : 01662 - 230921

Sarees Bansal Sarees in hisar
Bansal Sarees
Mr. Naresh,
Mr. Mukesh,
Mr. Rajesh,
90, Luxmi Market,
Pull Telian,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Bansal Sarees in hisar
Bansal Sarees
38-39,Pooja Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Bhabhi Jee Sarees & Suits in hisar
Bhabhi Jee Sarees & Suits
Mr. Sunil Jain
Mr. Subham Jain
S.C.F. 101, Rajguru Market,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9812710706
Mobile : 9355821544

Sarees Calcutta Sarees Emporium in hisar
Calcutta Sarees Emporium
3, Rajguru Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 
Phone : 01662 - 2352232
Mobile : 9896294938

Sarees Chanderkala Sarees in hisar
Chanderkala Sarees
Mr. Mukesh Aggarwal,
Mr. Moti Ram,
5, Rajguru Market,
Opp.Kamla Tower,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana)

Sarees Chhabra 111 in hisar
Chhabra 111
Mr. Anju Chabra,
111-SCF,1st Floor,
Rajguru Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Chhabra Son's Sarees wale in hisar
Chhabra Son's Sarees wale
10-11, Shastri Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Dalmia Fashions & Sarees in hisar
Dalmia Fashions & Sarees
Mr. Pawan Kumar Dalmia
Mr. Jai Parkash Dalmia
109, Rajguru Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 
Phone : 01662 - 237781

Sarees Dalmia Saree Center in hisar
Dalmia Saree Center
Mr. Sheetal Dalmia,
47, Arya Samaj Mandir Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Dalmia-103 in hisar
Lalit Bhai Ki Dukan
Mr. Subhash Dalmia
Mr. Lalit Dalmia
Mr. Vikas Dalmia
Mr. Vishal Dalmia
103, Rajguru Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 
Phone : 01662 - 224722
Mobile : 9255544997

Sarees Dharam Chand Tara Chand in hisar
Dharam Chand Tara Chand
Opp. New Cloth Market, Sirsa Road,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Sarees Ganga Sarees in hisar
Ganga Sarees
Mr. Ashok Kumar
35-Arya Samaj Mandir Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 
Phone : 01662 - 224499
Mobile : 9896434430

Sarees Ganga Sons in hisar
Ganga Sons
Mr. Ramesh Kumar
36, Arya Samaj Mandir Market,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9466402696

Sarees Godhawari Sarees in hisar
Godhawari Sarees
15-28, Rajguru Complex,
Below of Madras Handloom,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Guddu Bhai Designer in hisar
Guddu Bhai Designer
Mr. Guddu Bhai
Mr. Anuj Chhabra
SCF 111, 1st Floor, Rajguru Market,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9813241717
Mobile : 9254436674


Sarees Jagdamba Sarees in hisar
Jagdamba Sarees
152, Palika Bazar,
Near Arya Samaj Mandir,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Phone : 01662 - 240591

Sarees Kadambari Sarees in hisar
Kadambari Sarees
Mr. Subh Karan Aggarwal,
Mr. Vikas Aggarwal,
5-6-7, Krishana Complex,
Near Pooja Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Kala Mandir Saries and Jewellers in hisar
Kala Mandir Saries and Jewellers
Mr. Kailash Bansal
151, Palika Bazar,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Kasish Sarees in hisar
Kasish Sarees
Mr. Dhrambeer Saini,
Mr. Dayanand Saini,
52, Dogran Bazar,
Asija Hospital,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Khurana Sarees in hisar
Khurana Sarees
Mr. Sanjay Khurana,
Mr. Sunil Khurana,
114-D, Rajguru Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 

Sarees Laddu Gopal in hisar
Laddu Gopal
40, Pooja Market,
Hisar -125001 (Haryana) 


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