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Categorywise Distribution of Hisar Bazar
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'Restaurant (Bhojnalya)' in Hisar City

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Bhojnalya Annapurna Bhojnalya in hisar
Annapurna Bhojnalya 
Guru Jambheshwar Market   
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana) 

Bhojnalya Bishnoi Dhaba in hisar
Bishnoi Dhaba 
Railway Road,   
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana) 

Bhojnalya Gobind Palace in hisar
Gobind Palace 
Sector 15,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana) 

Bhojnalya Gobind Palace in hisar
Gobind Palace
DSS-35-236, Near Community Centre,
Sector 14,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Phone : 01662 - 278939

Bhojnalya Haveli in hisar
Parijat Chowk   
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana) 

Bhojnalya Janta Vashno Bhojnalya in hisar
Janta Vashno Bhojnalya
Mr. Vinod Nagpal
Shop No. 10-11, Delhi Road, Fawara Chowk,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Bhojnalya Mehak Bhojnalya in hisar
Mehak Bhojnalya
Mr. Pawan Kumar Bajaj
Near Bus Stand,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9996404995

Bhojnalya New Star Bhojnalya in hisar
New Star Bhojnalya 
Near Chawla Nursing Home,
Dabra Chowk   
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana) 

Bhojnalya Sajjan Sudh Veshno Daba in hisar
Sajjan Sudh Veshno Daba
Mr. Harish
Mr. Sunil
Near Sanik Barti Office, 14, Defence Colony,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Bhojnalya Shanti Bhojnalya in hisar
Shanti Bhojnalya
Mr. Jagdish Bhai
Opp. Bus Stand, Basement of Neelkanth Hotel,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)

Bhojnalya Shree Balaji Sudh Bhojnalya in hisar
Shree Balaji Sudh Bhojnalya
Video Market,
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9992750168

Bhojnalya Tejswani in hisar
Hisar - 125001 (Haryana)
Mobile : 9729735052
Mobile : 9416940550


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